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for Training and Healthcare

Who We Are

We are a company specialized in the use, distribution, and development of virtual reality (VR) experiences providing medical training & healthcare solutions. 

We offer various training tools exploiting the potential of immersive technologies and targeting different pedagogical objectives and domains of expertise. 

Our ambition is to allow every emergency medicine actor to acquire and reenforce their skills and knowledge. To pursue this goal, we are continuously developing new solutions to complete our catalogue of immersive “serious games”. We provide high quality training tools to train medical teams throughout the complete patient journey, from first aid response to patient handling at the hospital. 

Our multidisciplinary approach combines the various expertise necessary to develop fit-for-purpose solutions. We serve institutions and partners wishing to unleash the potential of VR for medical training and create customized content. 


Our main solution, ORVAMU trains learners on victim triage (start system), damage control and collective emergencies interdisciplinary management by immersing them in diverse simulated disastrous situations. 

It currently comprises six different mass casualty incident scenarios in various environments with a total of 70 unique virtual victims to take care of. 

5T Virtual TraumaCenter

This medical simulation tool, developed following the ETCO guidelines & best practices, allows the user to incarnate the role of a trauma team leader during each stage of the patient handling (initial call, briefing, 5 second round, handover and primary survey) 

This immersive experience is composed of a realistic shock room environment with its medical equipment as well as virtual avatars representing 5 patients with different traumas and the trauma care crew members.

Our Approach

The medical sector is full of challenges and needs but all the stakeholders strive to serve the same converging purpose – saving lives. 

From first aid responders to hospital personnel, each step in the medical intervention can have a significant impact on the treatment of the victims. 


Given those high stakes, the training and continuous improvement of emergency actors and medical professionals skillsets are crucial. 

We combine a psycho-pedagogical approach with in-depth knowledge of the medical sector as well as a strong expertise in IT and 3D arts to provide immersive solutions maximizing the learning of each participant. 

Our designs are based on a strong scientific methodology and medical expertise. 

Each of our learning tools are developed following the same cycle: 

Analyse and define the needs

The first step in any project is to first understand the requirements and the objectives pursued by our customers.  


Based on the analysis, a first prototype is developed to test and refine the requirements, with the users and the customer. The objective is to put the solution in the users’ hands to include their feedback early on and re-define the ambitions for the project. 


With the feedback on the first prototype and the refinement of the objectives and requirements, a new software is developed and tested with our customer. 


Once the product has been validated and properly tested, the final development is deployed to the customer and the different stakeholders are trained and accompanied to use properly the tools. 

Our Success Stories


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Arthure Dubois

Our Team

Our growing team is a well-balanced mix of business insight combined with in-depth technical and development expertise. Together with our customers, we identify their challenges and bring creative solutions to the table. 

We all share the valuesof: 

Out-of-the-box thinking and creativity in serious gamification: The medical sector is full of challenges and stakeholders that have different needs but serving the same congruent purpose – saving lives. We combine creatively the multiple expertise required to fulfil those needs and offer turnkey solutions.   

Result oriented and continuous improvement: A goal without a plan is just a dream. At VR SparX, we focus on delivering value first. Our developments are never set in stone, and we thrive to improve our solutions daily. 

Together we are stronger: Our team is working internally in close collaboration by combining the different expertise required to develop our multidisciplinary solutions. This mindset also applies to our customers, as we try to precisely identify their needs and stakes to fulfil them. 

Our Partners

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We are always looking to discover new challenges and get to know new people. 

Listening, discussing, and exchanging are truly driving our day-to-day activities. 

Turning ideas into concrete and tangible outcomes is our mission. 

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